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Home-based Grooming Business

Working for the man can be a little ruff at times and un-furfilling. I know, because I use to be there!

I craved a creative outlet and I always wanted to be my own boss.

Working for myself and having financial freedom really appealed to me.

Does this sound fur-miliar to you?

(Image by iStock)

Would you like to work with our fury-friends every day and be in charge of your own hours and earning potential? PUP-YEAH!

Tune-in to my brand new podcast and listen to my chat with a very talented dog groomer and business entrepreneur, Lisa Holt.

Lisa has been dog grooming for 12 years and recently opened her own home-based salon that has changed both her professional and personal life forever!

We chat about the good, the bad and the hairy, and she offers her best advice for becoming a dog groomer.

So... what are the first steps in setting up a grooming business from home?

  1. Become a qualified groomer. Visit The Grooming School to find out how.

  2. Find our your locak council regulations and what is legally required.

  3. Creat your salon space and purchase professional equipment.

  4. Set up a website and staret to promote your business and get bookings.

Stay tuned for my next Studio Pooch UNLEASHED podcast for more information on these steps and much much paw!


Pssst... I really want to know what you want to know, please comment on the blog about a dog, or ask me a question.

Contact me about doggie stuff at

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Or check out my business

Have a paw-fect day!

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