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About Me

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Who let the dogs out?...

I really don’t know..

But what I do know, is my Studio Pooch BLOG will make sure you get your paws on great doggie content, and you will be entertained as I share my experiences with dogs and working with them from a groomers perspective.

Are those tails wagging yet?

Hi and welcome. I’m Naomi, and this is Fonzie.

I began dog grooming over 14 years ago, and I have been running my business Studio Pooch for at least 10 years now.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, I was an animal loving hairdresser for humans. I loved the creativity, but humans can be a little annoying at times (not you, the other human) and well... I don’t have to convince you that dogs are kind of awesome do I.

So, I decided to take my scissoring and clipper skills over to the animal kingdom, and I have never looked back.

I’m not going to lie, it’s dirty, it’s hairy, it’s physically exhausting and sometimes I have a ruff day.

It requires a high level of skill and alertness because my fur-sculptures are always moving around – so using sharp instruments around them can be stressful.

But it’s also rewarding. Dog grooming has given me so many opportunities to be creative.

So here I am, ready to entertain you. Are you ready? Of course, you are. You love dogs, you care about dogs, and you want to know everything about them.

So, stick around, I promise to throw you a bone or two and we will soon become friend’s fur-ever.

I started this blog to share my experiences and expertise from my life as a professional dog groomer. I want to share my best tips and tricks with you about looking after your dog, and tell you some great doggie stories too.

I also want to showcase my work through gorgeous photos taken by me, and other great stuff on Instagram and Facebook.

To learn more about my business visit

You can contact me via email or comment on my posts, I would love to hear your doggie stories too.

Have a paw-fect day!

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