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Oodle & Scissor Style Specialist

Ph: 0426 252 122 

Studio Pooch is a specialist home-based dog grooming studio based in Mentone that offers a unique approach to pet styling. We specialise in Breed Specific clips and Scissored styles that will compliment your pooch, and we love to give dogs a quality groom with a polished finish that you will notice. With over 14 years experience in pet styling, you can be confident in our level of knowledge and skills.

Studio Pooch isn't your typical dog grooming place and we won't just shave your pooch off to get them in and out. The best part about us is that we are open by appointment so there is only one dog at a time in the studio. This helps us to keep your dogs grooming appointment relaxed and fun, without the stress of other dogs or having to stay all day waiting for their turn. You can be confident your dog will receive the best one on one attention in a calm and positive environment. 

Our studio is cage-free and we use high quality gentle and conditioning products in our fresh water bath to promote a healthy coat that will keep your pooch smelling divine. 

All dogs are booked in by appointment and must be collected 1.5 hours after drop off. Thank you.


Chihuahua Bath


Small - short hair.... $55

Small -  long hair.... $65


Medium - short hair.... $65

Medium - long hair.... from $70

Includes Nail Maintenance & Ear Clean

All dogs are booked in by appointment and must be collected 1.5 hours after drop off. Thank you.

Your pooch will enjoy a complete groom out of their coat before a warm fresh water bath, followed by a blow-dry using a stand dryer and brush which will straighten the coat for an amazing finish. Regular bathing and grooming promotes skin health and will help to keep the coat easy to maintain and in excellent condition. We love making your pooch feel fresh and amazing and guarantee they will leave our studio with a pep in their step. 

For breeds that have an undercoat we recommend a 'shedicure'. This service helps to eliminate unwanted excessive shedding which allows the coat to regulate your dogs temperature throughout the seasons. 

Dog Grooming


Small.... from $95


Medium.... from $100

Includes Nail Maintenance & Ear Clean

All dogs are booked in by appointment and must be collected 1.5 hours after drop off. Thank you.

At Studio Pooch we are specialists in Breed Specific and Scissored Styles. Unlike most grooming places, we don't just shave dogs off (unless required on your first visit). Our style of grooming is different from the rest because we use a combination of different comb lengths and scissors to achieve a complimentary style.

We promote a regular grooming schedule for our clients by booking your pets in advance every 6-8 weeks to ensure your dog has a healthy coat and to avoid excessive matting. 

De-Matting Fee $10 

Dogs who present with a matted coat will need to have extra time spent on them to either groom-out or shave down their coat. A fee of $10 will need to be added to your service. We will advise you with what is best or achievable for your dog once we have assessed their coat condition. 

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Bath & Tidy.... from $75 (depending on size).

All puppies are booked in by appointment and must be collected 1 hour after drop off. Thank you.

Introducing your new puppy to the world of grooming is a very important aspect of dog ownership. No-one wants their dog to become anxious or frightened when its time for their groom.

Helping your puppy become familiar with being washed and dried, and having their ears and paws touched will set them up for a stress free and happy experience each time they visit us. At Studio Pooch your puppy will have the same groomer each time so they are more relaxed.

At Studio Pooch we believe in starting your puppy off slowly. Our specialised puppy service includes a nail trim and warm bath, followed by a gentle dry on a special low-noise puppy setting. Your puppy will have a light trim around their eyes, paws & hygiene area. 

Contact us now to get your puppy started on their grooming journey. 


By Appointment Only

Unit 2/128-130 Charman Road
Mentone 3194, VIC

PH: 0426 252 122

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