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Pups First Grooming Visit

Firstly, congrats on the newest member of your family and becoming fur-parent.

You’re in for a lot of fun with your new puppy, but establishing great behaviour starts early.

Your pup will need to become friends with a vet, a groomer, riding in the car, and will need every possible opportunity to become well socialised.

So... let’s get diggy with it!

What age should your pup start visiting the groomer?

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked by new fur-parents, and there is a lot of mis-information wagging around out there.

In my experience, the sooner you start your puppy’s professional grooming schedule the better it is for them, you, and their groomer.

Ideally, a puppy should start to visit the groomer between 8-12 weeks old. At this age, your pup thinks everything is a fun adventure and they will be more open to new experiences and making new friends.   

Unfortunately, when puppies are not introduced to the groomer at a young age, it can increase their anxiety each time they have a grooming session. This can cause behavioural issues too, and make a groomers job much more difficult.

Studio Pooch offers a Puppy Service that is designed to introduce your pup to all the different sounds and sensations that are part of a professional grooming salon.

So... what goes on during pups first visit?


1.     A warm bubble-bath

2.     Gentle blow-dry

3.     Paw-dicure

4.     Clipper-trim on hygiene area and pads  

5.     Scissor trim around the eyes & bottom

6.     Lots of reassurance and a few cuddles

I recommend you bring your pup every couple of weeks for this service, so they become confident when they visit because they know what to expect.

Snip, Snip, Hooray!


(Image by Naomi Annear)

Are you concerned you have left it a bit too long? Don’t worry, simply get in touch with your chosen groomer as soon as possible and explain it’s their first time. In the meantime, keep up with grooming at home.


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Have a paw-fect day!

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